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In California, a general conservatorship is ideal for an adult who is unable to take care of their finances or themselves due to old age or a disability. When an adult is able to manage some but not all aspects of their day-to-day life, a limited conservatorship may be appropriate. In this state, a conservatorship is a court process that occurs when one individual (the conservator) is appointed to handle the financial aspects and be the decision maker for another individual (the conservatee).

At The Law Help Center, our conservatorship lawyers in Los Angeles are highly skilled in this complex area of law. The process for obtaining a conservatorship is lengthy, intricate, and confusing for people unfamiliar with it. You can count on us to provide you with the effective representation you deserve.

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About Conservatorships in California

If you need a conservatorship right away, the court may initially appoint a temporary conservator and appoint a general conservator later on. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with all aspects of this process and can handle the paperwork and court appearances.

Individuals who are eligible to petition for a conservatorship may include:

  • The proposed conservatee
  • A private professional fiduciary
  • The proposed conservatee’s spouse
  • A relative of the proposed conservatee
  • An interested friend of the proposed conservatee

When you apply for a conservatorship, it needs to be established if the conservatorship is of the estate or the person. The conservator of an estate oversees the financial matters of the conservatee. The conservator of a person is responsible for the conservatee’s physical wellbeing. A person can be a conservator of both, as well.

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