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Holding Negligent Property Owners Accountable

“Slip and falls” are common mishaps that many of us will experience at one point in our lives. However, for the unlucky ones, a slip and fall accident can result in serious and painful injuries. While no one sets out to cause a slip and fall accident, depending on the circumstances, there is often a responsible party.

“Slip and fall” and “trip and fall” accidents make up a large portion of personal injury lawsuits in California. They can occur almost anywhere, and they may be caused by anything from a wet, slippery floor to a crack in the pavement.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and any pain and suffering that resulted.

A slip and fall may result in liability when it occurs due to the negligence of whoever owns, controls, or possesses the premises where the injury took place. This may be the resident of a private home, the landlord of an apartment building, or the company that runs a grocery store.

To recover damages in a slip and fall case, the injured party must prove that the property owner was negligent and that this negligence was a “substantial factor” in causing the fall. Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care to prevent harm to others.

In California, a property owner has the duty to maintain their property such that dangerous conditions do not arise. This means exercising reasonable care in keeping the property safe. A property owner who breaches that duty is negligent. Examples of negligence may include failing to clean up a spill, not placing a clear warning sign near a wet floor, or failing to provide adequate lighting where there are obstacles underfoot.

Negligence of a property owner may be proved by showing that they caused a hazard or that they simply failed to eliminate the hazard in a timely fashion. For example, a store owner may have negligently set up a display, crowding an aisle and leading to a trip and fall. Or, a restaurant owner may have failed to promptly mop up a customer’s spilled drink, allowing the floor to remain wet and leading to a slip and fall.

A slip and fall lawsuit will not only depend on the property owner’s actions but also on the injured party’s conduct, as well.

The victim of a slip and fall must show that he or she exercised reasonable care under the circumstances.

For example, if “caution” signs are clearly placed in a supermarket, a reasonable person is expected to heed the warning and avoid walking through the hazardous area.

But, if the injured party is also found to be negligent, their recovery may be reduced or even eliminated altogether. In these cases, the percentage of each party’s respective negligence which caused the injury will be used to determine the injured party’s monetary recovery.

When an injured party prevails in a slip and fall lawsuit, they may be reimbursed the cost of medical treatment related to the injury, lost wages for any missed work, and future loss of earning capacity due to the injury. They also may be compensated for pain and suffering and, in some cases, for emotional distress resulting from the incident.

Slip-and-fall cases are difficult cases to prove, and an insurance company will usually fight any claim and will deny liability. It is important to consult a Los Angeles slip and fall attorney to protect your interests after you suffer any slip and fall injury.

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