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At The Law Help Center, we are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality representation and well-informed advice. Here, we answered some of our most commonly asked questions. If you do not see your question listed below or if you have further questions about the answer we provided, please feel free to reach out to us today at (213) 444-3155 or contact us online.

  • Do I Need an Attorney if I am Getting Divorced?

    While it is not legally required that you have an attorney for your divorce, it is highly recommended that you retain one. Especially if your divorce is contested and you have disagreements with your spouse, a skilled divorce attorney in Los Angeles can be invaluable. There are too many important things at stake in a divorce to be left to anyone other than an experienced professional. Your home, vehicles, stock portfolio, property, and other assets are all at risk. Additionally, your children may be at stake, which is why it is imperative you speak with knowledgeable legal counsel before deciding what your next step will be. An effective divorce attorney in Los Angeles can guide you throughout every stage of the legal process while protecting your rights and best interests. Call The Law Help Center today at (213) 444-3155 to find out how we can help you.

  • How Do Courts Determine Who Gets Custody of the Children in a Divorce?

    If the parents are unable to agree to a parenting plan regarding custody of their children, the courts will decide which parent, or parents, gets custody. To make that determination, the court will take into account numerous factors, but it will primarily focus on what is in the children’s best interests. These factors may include each parent’s employment status, housing status, history of any type of abuse, medical condition, and more. A skilled child custody attorney in Los Angeles will be able to make their client as appealing as possible to the court.

  • Should I Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

    Although it is not perceived as particularly romantic, drafting a prenuptial agreement is highly recommended for any couple entering into a marriage. When going into a marriage, nobody is expecting to get divorced. However, a prenuptial agreement will effectively serve as a safety net in case your relationship changes over time, as relationships are prone to do. If properly drafted, these types of agreements can ensure your assets, rights, and future are all fully protected in the event of a divorce. If you go into a marriage without a prenuptial agreement, all assets and debts that are accrued by either party over the course of the marriage may be split between the both of you. This may include businesses, properties, stock portfolios, and more. A Los Angeles prenuptial agreement lawyer at The Law Help Center can help you draft a bulletproof prenuptial agreement quickly and efficiently.

  • I Was Injured in a Car Accident. What Do I Do?

    If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, there are several steps that you should take. First, ensure that you are alright and make sure all other parties involved are safe. Then, call 911. While you wait for emergency responders to arrive, you should collect the personal information of all other parties that are present. This may include driver’s license information, addresses, names, witness contact information, license plate numbers, and more. You should also take pictures or videos of the scene of the accident if it is safe to do so. Once emergency responders arrive, answer their questions but do not admit any type of fault, even if you believe you may have been partially at fault. Be honest, but do not admit to being responsible. Once you are cleared to leave, visit a doctor right away for an examination. Even if you do not feel injured, some injuries, such as internal bleeding or concussions, do not make themselves known until much later down the line. A doctor’s exam will not only help detect and treat any injuries you have, it will also provide you with supporting evidence in your personal injury claim. After all this is completed, contact a skilled personal injury attorney in Los Angeles for strong representation.

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